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Bad Credit Financing Assistance For
Murfreesboro, TN Area Car Buyers

Murfreesboro Nissan invites drivers of Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee with low credit scores to apply for bad credit financing assistance. Our new Nissan and used car dealership is home to a finance department which caters to drivers of all credit levels. Our team of understanding and helpful auto finance specialists can assist drivers who have faced financial setbacks such as bankruptcy, foreclosures or repossessions with finding auto loans. By applying for bad credit financing at Nissan of Murfreesboro today, you could soon be driving a reliable mode of transport and working to repair your poor credit score!

Apply For Bad Credit Car Loans Online At Murfreesboro Nissan

The hard-working staff of our finance department can be reached by phone or in-person at our Murfreesboro, TN dealership. From applying for bad credit financing and detailing your auto loan options to answering any concerns or questions you may have along the way, our finance staff is here for you every step of the way. You can begin the bad credit financing process right now, by submitting a completed credit application form here on our website. Your secure credit application will be delivered to our dedicated finance department, which will review your credit information and search for viable financing options. Our team will be running a credit check and contacting lenders, so be sure that all of the information you provide on your application is accurate.

Once we have reviewed your credit information and spoken to you about that new Nissan Altima, Rogue or other new Nissan or used car you are dreaming of driving home, we can fully determine your car loan options. Our finance staff will inspect some key factors in determining your eligibility for bad credit car loans, including the following:

  • Your latest credit score
  • Your debt-to-income ratio
  • The total car loan amount you are seeking
  • Financial records
  • Other open, active loans on your credit report

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Does Murfreesboro Nissan do bad-credit financing?

Our team believes everyone should have the chance to buy a car, no matter their credit. Because of this belief, we invite drivers with low credit scores from all over the Murfreesboro, TN, area to apply for financing at our dealership. Our dedicated finance staff will review your application and search high and low for financing options that work with your circumstances. We cannot promise anything, but we have helped numerous folks purchase cars and will work hard to try and do the same for you.

How can I finance a car with bad credit?

To see if you can finance a vehicle purchase with bad credit, you simply need to apply for financing at our dealership. Our staff will take the information you provide – including your debt-to-income ratio, latest credit score, and other active loans — and try to find you a workable financing program. The process for applying for financing with a low credit score does not differ significantly from applying for an auto loan with good credit; our team just has to look a little harder to try and find you the financing opportunity you deserve.

Can I lease a car with bad credit?

The process for determining whether or not you'll be able to lease the vehicle is similar to applying for bad-credit financing. You are not, however, applying for a loan, so our finance team won't have to find a place for you to borrow money to finance the purchase of a car. Instead, they'll have to determine whether or not you'll be a suitable candidate for leasing a vehicle. If you have questions about leasing a vehicle from us, please don't hesitate to call us or visit our dealership.

Does a large down payment offset bad credit?

A large down payment is not a silver bullet for bad credit, but it can help with your bad-credit financing application. This is because the overall size of the loan you're asking for is a factor in determining whether or not we can extend you credit. Thus, if you make a large down payment, the amount of money you'll be looking to take out as a loan will be smaller, which can increase your chances of getting approved for a vehicle loan with bad credit.

Can I finance a used car?

You can absolutely finance a used car. This is a great way to begin driving an affordable vehicle while making a smaller monthly payment than if you had purchased a brand-new vehicle. If you have bad credit, the process for applying for financing is the same as if you were interested in a new vehicle. Still, all of the various hurdles involved with getting credit could be easier to clear if you're trying to purchase a used car. We have a wide-ranging inventory of pre-owned vehicles here at our dealership. Visit us today for a test drive.

Visit Or Contact The Finance Department At Murfreesboro Nissan Today

Know that Murfreesboro Nissan and our finance staff are on your side; we want to see you take home that sleek new Nissan or late-model used car of your dreams! Our finance specialists will do everything possible to find you the financing you deserve. Apply for bad credit financing through our Murfreesboro, TN dealership online or in-person now! Our full-service Nissan dealership and finance department are located just minutes from anywhere near Nashville, so stop by and visit with us today.

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