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Battery Service At Murfreesboro Nissan

Today’s car batteries last longer and run more reliably than batteries of yesterday, but every battery eventually gets to the end of its life cycle. So, if you’ve been busy Googling “car battery replacement service near me”, your search has come to an end! At Boro Nissan, we look forward to helping you find the best solution to your battery problems at the best price with the best customer service.

When Is It Time To Replace Your Battery?

Some Nissan battery issues occur because the owner left the headlights on overnight or left an interior light lit. In other cases, the battery was slowly wearing down, and there were signs that could have been identified.

If you have noticed any of these potential battery issues, then it is time to come into Murfreesboro Nissan for battery diagnostics:

  • Dimming headlights
  • Radio interference with no apparent cause
  • An ignition that is hesitant to turn over
  • Flickering interior lights

We know that you count on your vehicle to get you to and from work, school, and everywhere else in between. You should be able to count on your battery to start your vehicle without a problem.

If you suspect an issue with your battery, don’t wait until it’s dead to take action. Instead, contact us now for battery diagnostic services, or stop in when most convenient for you.

Car Battery Service At Murfreesboro Nissan

If you believe it’s time to replace your battery entirely, we are here to help with that too. Our skilled technicians can find the correct battery for your vehicle and ensure that it is installed to last as long as possible.

We work on a wide variety of cars and have a large selection too, so you can count on your Nissan battery likely being in stock and ready to go.

We have the High Output Nissan Battery you need

Are you in need of a high output battery that can handle the needs of your high-watt stereo and lights? Do you have additional in-car electronics and adaptors that require more power than the average battery can offer?

Do not worry, we have you covered here, too. Just stop by for a new battery or give us a call to learn about the best options for your specific situation.

We Can Help Even if It’s Not the Battery

In some cases, what seems initially to be a battery issue is actually something else entirely. Our certified technicians at Murfreesboro Nissan will inspect and service your vehicle to determine if it’s an issue with the alternator or alternator belt and what repairs would be necessary to repair it.

If repairs are necessary, we can complete them in our state-of-the-art repair facility set up to work on everything from hybrid battery packs to electric motors.

What’s Included In Battery Service?

There are three main steps involved when you come to us for battery service and maintenance:

  • Terminal cleaning
  • Cable replacement (if applicable)
  • Tightening connections

These three simple steps can help your battery run better and longer.

We begin by visually and physically inspecting the battery to see if there are loose connections, dirt, corrosion, or other issues present. We then disconnect the cable ends and battery terminals for cleaning. Once they are clean, we add a protective coating that helps prevent future corrosion.

If our visual inspection leads us to believe that your cable ends are worn or damaged, we will replace them. Finally, we tighten the cables to ensure battery performance is at its peak, and then we test the battery to see how it is performing.

How do I maintain my battery?

  • Limit short drives as they can keep your battery from charging
  • Check monthly to make sure your battery remains tightly fastened
  • Double check that all lights are out every time you get out of your vehicle
  • Keep battery terminals clean from corrosion and other substances
  • Test your battery regularly
  • Do not use electronics or other battery-pulling functions like the air conditioner if you are idling for more than 60 seconds
  • Take care of your entire vehicle so that your battery can work in conjunction with other healthy parts

Depending on the specific vehicle you own and the type of battery that powers it, you may have additional steps to follow to keep your battery in top shape. This is something that our service professionals can help you with.

What is the life cycle of a Nissan battery?

It depends on the brand and many other factors, but generally speaking, you can expect an average battery to last between three and five years. How you maintain and service your battery can affect a battery’s lifespan. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, be sure to bring your Nissan by Boro Nissan for routine battery service.

Why does my car click repeatedly when I try to turn it on?

If you turn your key in the ignition and a series of rapid clicks occur, then it is likely that your battery is either dead or very close to being dead. However, if there is just one single, loud click, then it is more likely that you have a bad stater. Either way, it is time to visit Boro Nissan for help.

Earn Points For Your Battery Replacement Service

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Signing up couldn’t be easier – just download the app by searching “Boro Advantage” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Enter in a few key factors, such as the make and model of your current vehicles, and not only can you earn points for every service and purchase, but we can alert you when it is time to visit us for maintenance and more.

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No appointment is needed for battery service, so feel free to stop by when most convenient for you. Prefer to schedule your appointments? We got you covered with our handy digital Schedule Service form.

Questions about your battery or battery service offered by Murfreesboro Nissan? Feel free to contact us today, we are ready to answer all your questions!

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